Golf Science Education

Golf Science Education

My mission is to help golfers understand the science of golf, through the delivery of online and in-person education aimed at professional and amateur golfers.


There is a lot of information out there explaining how you should swing the club, but very little explanation of the science behind why this works.

So, my mission is to help golfers understand why; through understanding the science of golf.



Ways to learn:

  • Join a Live Webinar on Golf Science

  • Gain a Golf Science Certificate (For Professionals)

  • Book me as a Guest Speaker

  • Get your swing Analysed Biomechancally

  • Watch my Free Golf Science Videos on YouTube

  • Access my 'Biomechanics of Sport' Course

  • Studying a Sports/Golf degree? Access Private Tutoring

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Your Caddie

Daniel Thompson, MSc, BSc

Founder of Science Caddie


- Former Lecturer in Sports Biomechanics

- Masters Degree in Sports and Exercise Science from Loughborough University 

- Single Figure Handicapper

Featured in:

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PGA Tour

"Physics has been essential to help me perform better on the golf course"

Bryson DeChambeau, 2016

"The general science of sports performance has allowed athletes to push their prime into much later stages"

Tiger Woods, 2019

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"With the knowledge we have in fitness and biomechanics we at a much older age should be able to perform at a higher level"

Phil Mickleson, 2019

PGA Tour players are using sports science, so why aren't you? 


Topic 1

Generating Power in the Golf Swing


The big hitters on the PGA tour hit drives >320 yards!

Using Sports Science we will discuss the swing mechanics that maximise club head speed

Online and In-Person Education

Workshop Reviews

Generating Power  in the Golf Swing


90% of golfers agreed the workshop was a unique social event


Handicap: 33

"The workshop was very interesting and easy to understand. Hopefully I will be able to put some of it into practice to reduce my handicap. It was a really good session"

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