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Golf Science Questions
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Understanding the latest research in Golf Science can help coaches and players in optimising performance. Research can help identify the best techniques, training methods, thought processes and strategies to play better golf. So, it begs the question:

Why don't more golfers read academic research?

Well, lets be honest... academic research can be hard to read, difficult to understand, and not the most enthralling to read! So, no wonder...

To address this issue, Science Caddie has created
The Golf Science Podcast, which aims to be informal and edgy, whilst providing valuable educational content to its listeners. The podcast aims to help PGA Pros and keen golfers in understanding the latest research in golf science, by interviewing golf researchers from around the world.

We will speak to researchers in:

- Coaching
- Sociology
- Physical Activity and Health
- Physiology/Kinesiology

- Biomechanics
- Psychology
- Strength and Conditioning
- Nutrition

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Releasing: Sept 2023

Episode 7
Dr Tyler Standifird

Headshot  2.jpg

Dr Tyler Standifird is an Associate Professor in the department of Exercise Science at Utah Valley University. His area of expertise is in biomechanics, with his research focused on sport and exercise movements to decrease risk of injury/improve performance. Dr Standifird is also researcher for SuperSpeed golf investigating the impact of SuperSpeeds products on golf performance variables.

Podcast Questions:

  • What is OverSpeed Training?

  • How effective is the Super Speed Training Protocol?

  • Does this protocol affect a golfers GRFs?

Associated Paper: 

'Golf Specific Overspeed Training Improves Club Head Speed, Ball Speed, Carry Distance and Ground Reaction Forces During the Downswing'


Episode 6
Dr Geoff Lovell 

Geoff is a registered psychologist and provides expert psychology consultancy specialising in performance optimization, injury recovery, enhancing well-being, healthy living, and performance cultures. Geoff has over 100 publications in the area of Sports Psychology and has extensive experience in providing elite sport psychology services, supporting Great Britain and Australian Paralympic and Olympic Team successes.

geoff golf range.png

Podcast Questions:

  • What is Momentum?

  • How can momentum be effected by what we do and think in a competition?

  • What can golfers do to help gain momentum?

Associated Paper: 

'Psycho-behavioral momentum: Golf matchplay players’ perspectives'

Golf Technology/Biomechanics

Episode 5
Dr Tony Luczak

Tony is an Assistant Research Professor at the National Strategic Planning and Analysis Research Centre at the University of Missisippi. He has over 20 publications in the area of sport and sport technology. He is also the cofounder of A.I Motion Laboratories, whos aim is to develop wearable technologies to improve human movement. He is currently developing some innovative technology in the golf space.


Podcast Questions:

  • What are the issues with 2D video analysis?

  • Can these issues be solved by investing in a 3D analysis system?

  • Is a 3D analysis of your clients swings practical in a golf club scenario?

Associated Paper: 

'The challenges of coaching using 2D golf swing video data compared to the challenges of building a 3D technology based coach.'

Strength and Conditioning

Headshot 2.png

Episode 4
Dr Chris Joyce

Chris is a senior lecturer in biomechanics, exercise physiology and functional anatomy at the University of Notre Dame Australia. He is also a lecturer for the PGA of Australia and has over 50 publications in sports science. Chris also runs The Golf Rehab Clinic in Australia where he provides exercise rehabilitation to referred and private patients, as well as PGA professionals.

Podcast Questions:

  • What physical deficencies increase the risk of injury in senior golfers?

  • How do such deficencies impact senior players golfing performance?

  • What practical recommendations should coaches give their clients to reduce these deficencies?

Associated Paper: 

'Effect of age-related musculoskeletal conditions on senior golfer physical capacity, golf performance ability and playing characteristics'


Prof G Headshot.png

Episode 3
Professor Graeme Close

A former professional Rugby League player, Graeme is now Professor of Human Physiology at Liverpool John Moores University. His research is focused on basic and applied sport nutrition where he has published over 150 papers, book chapters and review articles. Graeme is a fellow of both the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) and The European College of Sport Sciences (ECSS). Graeme is the head of nutrition to England Rugby, The DP World Tour Golf & Ryder Cup Team, he is the nutrition consultant to Aston Villa FC and personal nutritionist to heavyweight boxer Dillian Whyte.

Podcast Questions:

  • Is nutrition important for golf?

  • What nutritional aspects should golfers be focusing on?

  • What do players at the highest level do to optimise their Nutrition/Hydration?

Associated Book Chapter: 
Nutrition for Golf- Routledge International Handbook of Golf Science


Episode 2
George Wardell

George is a Strength and Conditioning Coach at High Performance Sport New Zealand, Athletics New Zealand and Triathon New Zealand. He is a PHd candidate at the University of Waikato, in the area of health, sport and human performance. George has a special interest in strength and conditioning for golf.

RNZ headshot-3.jpg

Podcast Questions:

  • How are Super Speed sticks used by golfers?

  • Does using Super Speed sticks in a warm up help us play better golf?

  • If so, why does it have this effect?

Associated Paper: 
'Acute and persistence of the effects of the SuperSpeed Golf™ weighted-club warm-up on golf driving performance and kinematics'

Motor Learning/Psychology


Episode 1
Dr Oliver Runswick

Ollie is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Performance Psychology at King's College London. His research focuses on understanding and enhancing learning and performance in domains including sport, dance, education, and the military.

Podcast Questions:

  • During practice should I record my golf swing?

  • Would this help me make swing changes quicker?

  • Why does it have this impact?

Associated Paper: 
'The effects of smart phone video analysis on focus of attention and performance in practice and competition'

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Golf Science Articles

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Golf Science Questions

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