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Biomechanical Analysis- Power

Want to hit longer drives? Then consider having a Biomechanical Analysis.

Science Caddie is working with the University of Derby, to offer a Biomechanical Analysis of the Golf Swing.


This analysis involves 3D motion capture of your swing, as well as measurement of the forces that you produce into the ground. This analysis has been designed to focus on the key movements that are responsible for hitting the ball a long way. Variables such as X Factor, X Factor Stretch, Kinematic Sequencing, Timing of Wrist Break and Ground Reaction Forces.


Once the analysis is complete you will be given an online report, highlighting your areas of strength and the areas you could work on to hit the ball further. Learn more about this analysis below.

Camera Gold Standard.png

Gold Standard for Motion Tracking

Vicon- System used in Scientific Research

Hollywood Movies use similar systems

Force Gold Standard.png

Gold Standard for Measuring Force

Kistler- System used in Scientific Research

Movie Gold Standard.png

To create:  Thanos (The Avengers), Gollum (Lord of the Rings), Davy Jones (Pirates of the Caribbean)  

The Analysis Process

Step 2:


Arrive at the University of Derby

Uni Icon 2.png

Book your analysis on the

Science Caddie website

Step 1:


Science Caddie Logo_transparent.png

Step 3:


Place 30+ reflective

markers on your body.

Human White Icon.png

Step 4:


Golf Swing.png

Hit 10 drives. Markers tracked

using Vicon 3D motion capture

Step 5


Analysis 2.png

Processing and analysis of data

Step 6:

Email Icon 2.png

Online report created for you. Videos, Infographics and Audio

Online Report Generated

Once the analysis is complete you will be provided with a comprehensive online report. The report will explain each variable analysed and will identify your key strengths and weaknesses in generating power. The report will include a mix of videos, infographics and graphs, all accompanied by audio. 


See below an example video, graph and infographic that you would expect to find in your report.

Example from the report:

Screenshot 2023-09-28 130927.png
Screenshot 2023-09-28 130927.png
Screenshot 2023-09-28 131147b.png

Your report will be housed in the members area on the Science Caddie website. Only you will have access.


After receiving this report we encourage you to work with a teaching professional who can assist you in making changes to your swing. Therefore, if you want your golf coach to have access to this report, just let us know. 

Analysis Booking

Analysis Availability

More dates will be added soon for 2024

Please read the Terms and Conditions prior to purchase. Visit the Terms and Conditions page.

Further Details

Location of Analysis:

University of Derby Sports Centre, Kedleston Rd, Derby DE22 1GB



A parking space will be booked for you.



Duration of Analysis: 1.5 - 2hrs


Equipment Required: Please bring your Driver, Golf Glove and Golf Shoes



For Males: Please wear shorts, a 'skin'/thermal t-shirt (preferably short-sleeved) and a golf cap (if you own one). Ideally, the analysis would be performed topless for accuracy, but this is not mandatory.


For Females: Please wear shorts/gym shorts, a gym top/thermal t-shirt (preferably short-sleeved), and a golf cap (if you own one).


What to Expect

  1. Upon arrival we will ask you to complete some forms and we will give you some time to warm up (0.5 hrs)

  2. We will attach 30 reflective markers to your body and club (0.5 hrs)

  3. You will perform 10 good swings with your driver, whilst we record each swing (0.5 hrs)

  4. We will remove the reflective markers and show you one of your swings in the '3D environment' (0.5 hrs)


After the Analysis 

  1. We will process 5 of your good swings and create your 'average' swing.

  2. We will then analyse your swing in relation to the research.

  3. A report will then be created highlighting your strengths and weaknesses. This report will be housed on the Science Caddie website.

  4. Once this report is complete you will receive an email informing you how to access it.

If you have any questions, please get in contact via email


Once you have worked on a specific aspect of your swing you will likely want to understand if you have improved. However, we understand that a full re-analysis may not be required.

Therefore we offer a shorter analysis that focuses on the specific variables that you have been working on. This shorter analysis is cheaper and is more specific to your needs.


 Get in contact to learn more about re-analysis costs, options and availability. 

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