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Course 3:

Biomechanical Analysis of the Golf Swing

This course gives you hands-on experience using 3D motion capture and force plates to analyse the golf swing.


You will learn how to model a golfer in 3D, capture their swing, record Ground Reaction Forces (GRFs) and how to process and interpret their data.


Maximising distance is the key focus of this analysis; we will therefore be analysing the key variables that are linked to the generation of CHS throughout.

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Course Details

For further course details download the PDF

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Daniel Thompson MSc

Golf Science Educator


Associate Lecturer in Sports and Exercise Science

Dr Tom O.png

Dr Tom Outram

Senior Lecturer in Biomechanics and Performance Analysis

Analysis Systems

Camera Gold Standard.png

Vicon Motion Capture System 

System used in Scientific Research

Gold Standard for Motion Tracking

Force Gold Standard.png

Kistler Force Plates 

System used in Scientific Research

Gold Standard for Measuring Forces (GRFs)

Next Steps...

Step 2:


Arrive at the University of Derby

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Book your place on the

course below

Step 1:


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Step 3:


The morning is focused on 3D Kinematics (motion)

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Step 4:


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The afternoon is focused on Kinetics (Forces)


Step 5


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Task: Independent Analysis of a Clients Data Set

Step 6:

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Certification and Referral Fee Information

For further course details download the PDF

Course Prerequisites

The advanced analysis undertaken in this course requires attendees to have pre-existing knowledge of 3D Biomechanics and GRFs. It is therefore a requirement that you have completed the online course "The Biomechanics of the Big Hitters" before attending. 


The "Power" course is recorded and can be accessed any time. It is offered at a ~33% discount (£25) when purchasing access to both courses. Choose the option ‘Analysis + Power’ to take both courses.

The "Powercourse has been delivered to The PGA (UK), the Colorado PGA, Carolinas PGA, Central New York PGA and the PGA of Australia.

Analysis Booking

Course Dates

  • September 2024- TBC

  • December 2024- TBC

  • March 2025- TBC

per date


Please read the Terms and Conditions , Course Details PDF and the More Info section (below) prior to purchase.

More Info

Location of Course:

University of Derby Sports Centre, Kedleston Rd, Derby DE22 1GB


A parking space will be booked for you.

Duration of Course: 7 hrs (10am-5pm)

Equipment Required: Please bring your Driver, Golf Glove and Golf Shoes



For Males: We will be asking for volunteers to participate in the practical elements. Therefore please bring shorts, a 'skin'/thermal t-shirt (preferably short-sleeved) and a golf cap. Ideally, the analysis would be performed topless for accuracy, but this is not mandatory.


For Females: We will be asking for volunteers to participate in the practical elements. Therefore please bring shorts/gym shorts, a gym top/thermal t-shirt (preferably short-sleeved), and a golf cap.


If you have any questions, please get in contact via email

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