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Live Webinars

How do they work?

When purchasing access to an online webinar series you have 6 months to book your place on a scheduled session. The dates of these sessions can be found on the 'Golf Science Webinars' page.   

Where is the webinar held?

The session will take place on Microsoft Teams. You will be sent a link to the session the day before it takes place. You do not need to have a Microsoft Teams account; simply click the link I send you. 

What is the Power Package?

The 'Power Package' gives you access to both parts of the 'Generating Power in the Golf Swing' topic.


What is the Golf Injuries I package?

The 'Golfing Injuries I' package gives you access to both parts of 'The Biomechanics of Golfing Injuries I' topic. 

Do I need anything for the Webinar?

No... Just your enthusiasm for golf and an inquisitive mind. 

Can I change the date of my booking?

You can change the date of your booking, up to 48 hours before the session. Simply email asking to move your booking to another date.

Within 48 hours of the session, you are not able to move the booking to another date.   

In-Person Sessions

Does the club need to provide a deposit and is there a booking fee?

No deposit is required and I do not charge the club a fee for the session. 


Where is the workshop held?

The workshop is usually held in your club house/bar

Is there a minimum number of tickets that need to be sold?

A minimum of 15 tickets need to be sold for the workshop to go ahead. If there are more than 30 people interested, two workshops will be organised.

How do we advertise the event?

Once a date for the event has been selected, you will be sent posters, flyers and the tickets. You can then place these around the clubhouse/pro-shop.

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