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Biomechanics of Golfing Injuries I

Australian PGA Education Event

Welcome to Science Caddie, a Golf Science Education company based in the United Kingdom. My name is Daniel Thompson and I am an experienced Lecturer in Sports and Exercise Science, a former tutor for The PGA (UK), and the owner of Science Caddie. My mission is to help professional golfers understand the science of golf, through live online webinars and free golf science content.

On the 21st and 28th of March, I am delivering the 'Biomechanics of Golfing Injuries I' webinar series exclusively to Australian PGA Professionals. This educational topic has previously been delivered to The PGA (UK)Colorado PGA and the Central New York PGA. To see the reviews for these deliveries, click the 'Reviews' tab above. By attending this webinar series you can gain 0.4 ACE credits.

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What is this course about?

This webinar series focuses on the biomechanics of the most prevalent golfing injury; this being lower back pain. Science Caddie will explain why certain movements can cause damage to the spine, identify key movements in the golf swing that can increase injury risk and identify posture/swing changes that could potentially mitigate this risk.


Day 1- 21st of March

              7-8:00pm AEDT

  • Focuses on golf injury statistics, exploring the prevalence of injuries in golf, the prevalence by gender and golfing ability, as well as exploring the statistics around lower back injury.

Day 2- 28th of March

              7-8:30pm AEDT

  • Explores the anatomy of the spine and the common injuries experienced in the lower back.

  • Explores characteristics of the golf swing that can increase injury risk and highlights modifications that could potentially mitigate this risk. 

What if I cannot attend?

After the delivery, a recorded version will be uploaded to a private page. This will be accessible until the 4th of April. Please contact me separately for access to this page.  



0.4 ACE Credits

If you would like to attend this webinar series, please complete the webinar enrolment form and complete the payment below.

Booking Deadline:

19th March 2024

Webinar Enrolment Form

Form Complete- However to secure your booking, please complete the payment below

To attend this event you will need to purchase either 'Golfing Injuries I' or the 'Injuries I +Cert' option below. The 'Injuries I +Cert' includes the opportunity to become Science Caddie Certified, and recieve a Science Caddie Digital Certification Badge to display on your website, social media accounts and email signature.

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Science Caddie certifications tells your clients that you understand the science behind the golf swing, and is a good way to show them that you are serious about your professional development.

To learn more about Science Caddie certifications, click the button below.

Golfing Injuries I

$78 / $107 AUD

Biomechanics of Golfing Injuries I

Grants access to attend: Day 1 & 2


There are no additional seller charges related to shipping, tax, or other. 

If you purchase the "+ Cert" option, you will also have the opportunity to earn a Science Caddie Certificate

Once you have completed the webinar enrolment form and made the payment, you are officially enrolled on this education event. Prior to the event you will recieve an email with links to access the webinars.

Prior to this webinar series, feel free to access the free Golf Science Videos and Articles, as well as The Golf Science Podcast on the Science Caddie website. To find the podcast/videos, please click on the 'Free Golf Science' tab. To access the articles, hover you mouse over the 'Members' tab and click on 'Golf Science Articles' tab.

If you have any issues or questions, please feel free to get in contact via email. I look forward to meeting you online. 

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