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Golf Science Course

For Colleges

Golf Science is an area that is becoming increasingly important for players and coaches to understand; with elite players now having a team of sports science professionals around them, assisting them with their recovery, performance, fitness, and overall wellbeing. It is therefore important for aspiring players and coaches to have a good understanding of Golf Science to help unlock their golfing potential and to keep them at the forefront of thinking. This is where Science Caddie can help…


This course is designed to help aspiring players and coaches understand some of the key Golf Science topics, improving their knowledge of the tactical, technical and physical side of golf performance. The topics in this course are mainly focused on the discipline of Biomechanics, an area in golf that is attracting more attention.


This course has 4 topics:

  1. Using Statistics and Data in Golf

  2. The Biomechanics of Golfing Injuries

  3. Analysing the Golf Swing- Kinematics (Movement)

  4. Analysing the Golf Swing- Kinetics (Forces)

To learn more about this course, please email

You will then be sent the course outline. 

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